Every class delivers a total-body workout with a warm up and a cool down. Expect to be challenged and guess what, you can modify the exercises in all of our classes to get the perfect workout for your ability level. We’ll teach you to walk before we ask you to run. Our trainers and staff will help you determine the best classes, exercises and schedule for your specific needs.

Everybody has a first time. Come in and get started today and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to succeed at the TRX Training Center.

What to Expect

In our classes you’ll use your body weight, gravity and TRX Training equipment to push, pull, lunge, squat, hinge and plank your way to a better you. Expect to move, sweat, shuffle, and above all, have a kick ass workout experience. Some classes challenge you with a single piece of training equipment, some use a broad mix of training tools, but they all deliver incredible results.

Make sure to bring a water bottle, wear your athletic shoes and clothing, we’ll supply the towel, and you supply the energy!